Welcome to

Black Sheep Cult

You made it!

Is this for real?

Yes, this is for real.

You are here and this is here and you are reading it.

Right? Right.

So what does this mean exactly?

Black Sheep Cult

You are special.

That is what being real is.

We recognize that in you.

That’s why you are here.

Here, we are the Black Sheep Cult.

Your responsibilities to the cult

You have to be yourself.

Do not lie to yourself.

Your actions must put you first in your priorities.

Once you are taken care of, move to a higher priority.

Do this until the ultimate feeling overcomes you.

And then, keep doing it.

You are bigger than yourself

Here at Black Sheep Cult,

we believe you are awesome.

Really awesome. And big.

Bigger than yourself.

How big are you?

You are bigger than your body.

You are what you eat, which comes from the sun.

Our sun is one of many in the galaxy.

Our galaxy is one of many in the universe.

There is stardust from all ages within you.

You are a part of the the whole.

Black Sheep Cult Operations

There is only one thing to do as a cult member:

Be yourself.

Black Sheep Cult Awareness

From now on, you are to be yourself.

Create your own goals.

Do what you want based on your priorities and values.

Live your dreams.

Have a dutiful obligation to your goals and desires.

Dare to be different from others, dare to be yourself.

Your commitment to the cult

You cannot tell anybody about the cult.

You will not speak of the cult to anyone.

You must refuse to talk about the cult.

You may invite people to the cult, but only when you believe they are ready.

To invite them, just tell them they're ready after telling them your in a cult and then send them this website later.

Optional: Print the QR code off at the bottom of this page and post it somewhere or get stickers.



Ask yourself how to solve them.